Holster Training

Date of Course February 7th/2016

Here is the specifics on the holster course.

Items needed for the members to have to participate in the course

  • Holster has to cover the trigger, must have some sort of retention. (button/friction) Friction holster is better since the button holster will be illegal by next year.
  • No DROP LEG/ No Canvas/ No shoulder holsters allowed in course.
  • NFA Approved holster course. Peter Elliot as the instructor****
  • 3 magazines need to participate. And mag pouch able to hold 2 mags.
  • 250-300 rounds of chosen ammo. (please consider purchasing the ammo at your range)
  • If you are in need of holster and not able to find one please contact GREG @ 902-895-4868
  • Cost Of Course $150.00
  • NFA certified certificate to be given when graduating the course.